Do you love interior decorating but need some advice or
want to learn how to do it yourself? You are in the right place!

Hi, I'm JoAnne Lenart-Weary, a Color, Decorating, & Staging Expert, lover of transforming spaces and teaching others how to do the same. With over 40 years of experience, I can help bring your decorating dreams to life. If you love Decorating, but need some're in the right place.

My philosophy is simple: great design is about how a room feels, not how much it costs. Good design doesn't have to be big bucks. Don't get me wrong, you have to spend money but the best rooms combine old, new, cherished, and filler pieces that are curated and collected to create the perfect feeling in your space.

Whether you want an expert to help you decorate the space you have, learn how to do it yourself, or take your decorating business to new levels, I'm here to help.

joanne lenart-weary styling a space using rustic,industrial, farmhouse accessories
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Imagine if you can...a chance to be...


Inspired by an expert sharing creative perfect color, placement and styling ideas to transform your home.


Confident by learning solid decorating foundations that will give you the confidence to give your house polish and style on your own.


Successful by elevating your Business to new levels with solid advice from someone who has been there and done that,


an Entrepreneur by turning your love for decorating into a successful decorating or staging business.

Take your pick...Get Ready to Go

book a consultatio

Whether you need a paint color, quick suggestions, a One Day Decorating session or a top to bottom makeover...,it all starts with a consultation. You deserve a fabulous space...let's make it happen...together.

JoAnne Lenart-Weary teaching an interior decorating class

Do you love to decorate but lack confidence? I have taught professionals for over 20 years and now it's time to teach you...

the Home Decorator how to do it yourself.

coaching and mentoring for interior decorators

Are you a Decorator or hope to become one? Perhaps your group needs a great speaker? This is your chance to gain wisdom from an award-winning industry expert with 40+ years of experience.


"For both big projects and one-off design quandaries, I have repeatedly come back to JoAnne. Her amazing ability to seamlessly pull together a space and work through design/decor dilemmas is extremely helpful. JoAnne never tries to tell you what's right or wrong, but instead guides you so that your personal style shines in a way that looks cohesive and polished. I would definitely recommend her for all your design needs."

Hannah Lovell, Edinboro, PA

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DECORATED-what, where, pricing

Everything begins with a consultation, whether live or online/phone. Our initial consultation, is a fact finding mission filled with creative ideas, inspiration, and solid design ideas you can implement quickly. Schedule your initial consultation now,

#1-DISCOVERY & INSPIRATION-$150 Generous Hour-Click to Book

*A One and Done Consultation-Establish your needs and wants while validating your ideas. Together we will select colors, get inspired, build a shopping list, or anything else you need within the scope of our appointment.
#2-One Day Decorating Blueprint-Priced per Project

*Using what you have as the core, you will receive 2 floorplan options, curated shopping list, styling ideas, color options, and completion plan. This will allow you to transform your room yourself with no mistakes.

#3-Complete Design Package-Priced per Project

*From new construction or simply ready for a home makeover, a we do it all for you, process.

Questions-Call/text JoAnne at 814-440-3044 or email [email protected]

EDUCATED-Courses, Classes, & Content

With over 40 years in the design & staging industry, I have decorated thousands of rooms and taught just as many how to create beautiful rooms. I learned early it takes more than need a solid understanding of what is good design and design foundations. See those "rules" of design are the secret to a room filled with stuff to a room that rocks. Most Do It Yourself Decorators, think the room is all about the stuff, when in reality, it is how you curate, collect, and style what you have and purchase. In my education site, The Decorating Zone, you will find classes both complimentary and fee based. New classes will be added often.

Start Here-Interior Design Foundations-$19
One Day Decorating for the DIY Decorator
More classes coming soon.

MOTIVATED-Coaching & Mentoring for the Professional or Aspiring Decorator

When I started my business over 40 years, I had no business...being in business! But I survived in spite of myself. I read every business and marketing book I could find. I took every class, attended every conference, but the one thing I couldn't do was have a face to face talk with anyone who had been there before me. People wouldn't share, there was no such thing as coaching or mentoring. So every time I learned something new...I shared it with those who were at a lower level in experience. The word got around that I knew my stuff and soon I was speaking at industry events, writing for industry magazines, and mentoring others.

Whether you are already in business or considering turning your talents into a profitable business, schedule a complimentary success strategy session. This isn't a sales call, it's a real time conversation that's all about you.


About JoAnne

I'm JoAnne Lenart-Weary, your guide in the world of design and staging. Imagine a world where your living room is the relaxing place, your kitchen is the gathering place, and your bedroom is your refuge. That's the world I have been creating for over 40 years, in 39 states and 5 countries. Yes, you read that right – four fabulous decades of transforming houses into homes, rooms into retreats, and passions into profitable businesses. Over that time, you might have caught a glimpse of me sharing tips on HGTV or ABC, or perhaps you've read my articles in your favorite magazines. From the stages of national industry conferences to speaking at many DIY Decorating Seminars, appearances at regional home shows, and more, I've been there and done that.

Since 1999, I've also been the fairy godmother to hundreds of aspiring decorators, designers, and home stagers, teaching my systematic approach to design, sharing practical wisdom, building marketing and business plans to help them turn their talent into a business. I want to share that same information with you, the Home Decorator or Do It Yourselfer. I believe in the power of nurturing talent and sharing my wealth of knowledge earned over years of triumphs and yes, a few colorful mishaps. (ask me about the red toilet) I love to help those who love interior decorating get inspired and understand design foundations and beyond, so they love coming home or can apply this knowledge to a client project. My goal is to provide education, confidence, and inspiration by sharing my expertise and systematic approach to design.

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