JoAnne Lenart-Weary

Join me and learn how to Decorate like a Pro

Do you love Interior Decorating...

but aren't sure how to start or move forward? Does the thought of selecting paint colors terrify you? Do you come home from shopping empty handed or with bags of stuff you need to return because they didn't work?

Imagine creating a space that blends the things you love, both old and new, with a color palette that delights, and styled in a way that tells your story. Hi, I'm JoAnne Lenart-Weary, decorating and color expert for over 40 years, and with my guidance, you can do it.

I've never been one of those designers who believes good design is only for the wealthy.

Everyone deserves a space that looks great & feels even better.

It isn't the sofa, the decor, or the money spent on any of it. It is understanding how to mix, match, blend, shop, and style a room to create a vibe that feels good for the people that live there. The process blends creativity, defining your style, implementing good design foundations, on your budget.

Listen, everyone has a budget...some just have more zeros than others. But whether you are buying a $1000 sofa or a $10,000 sofa, your room can be the best version possible based on the budget you have. I want to teach you how to accomplish this.

In my 40+ year career, not only have I created thousands of fabulous spaces, but I also have helped hundreds of people turn their talent into a business. Some of my longest running pro classes include the Confident Color System, One Day Decorating & Redesign, and more. After years of teaching primarily Aspiring and Pro Decorators, it's time to share tips, tricks, and creative design education, whether you are decorating your own home or design is your career.

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